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Zainab Usman Gele (Mental Health Advisor)

Zainab Usman Gele was born on the 8th of June, from Fakai LGA in Kebbi State, Nigeria. She is a Pharmacist by profession. She loves helping people and seeing them happy and healthy. She works in the hospital Pharmacy in Kebbi State.

Growing up in a nuclear family of 6, she received all the care a child was expected to have. Seeing children helpless on the street makes her sad. She always wondered how they survived, with all these infections and diseases. She wonders how they access healthcare services. She always wanted to help in her own little capacity. She believes no child should be out on the street without having access to quality health care  services.

Her interests have been in abusive relationships, wife battering, child abuse and mental health. With her experience so far,  she craved to make impacts in mental health and to help people going through those phases in life. Always, making an impact in someone else’s mental health has been her topmost priority. This inspiration came from her parents.

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