PHC Initiative Africa

Focus Areas

Primary Health Care Centres (PHCs)
Primary health care centres (PHCs) are ideally supposed to be first point of call by patients where quality care is served for all. Good to mention that these facilities are running into tens of thousands in Nigeria, scattered all over. Sadly, only a few of them could be said to be optimally operational. What we do here is consistent advocacy in awakening the community and political consciousness of the relevant leaders to ensuring that there are workable and accessible PHCs in their community, ready to dish out quality care at all times. PHCs are best run if the community takes ownership in the control and management of the facilities along side the staff.
All PHCs must have adequate water supply with good sanitary and environmental hygiene. It has been reported that constant source of water has a positive effect in Infection Prevention and Control in the facilities, thus, preventing nosocomial infections among health workers, patents, visitors and the community.
We spur community leaders to be interested in providing security for the PHCs through the use community vigilante groups for them to operate 24 hours.
Having standard PHCs should be prioritised by all, as this remains the gateway to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). All hands need to be on deck to strengthen primary health care in Africa. Join us and become Primary Health Care Advocates.

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