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Harrison Onunaezeh ( Director Programme & Strategy )

Harrison Onunaezeh was born on October 21, 1984 Imo State, Nigeria. He Holds an M.Sc Degree in Medical Microbiology from Kaduna State University.

He is a dynamic, charismatic and enthusiastic personality with a sound  knowledge and experience in pharma business. Before his recent appointment to join the stakeholders of PHC Initiative Africa, he has spent over 10yrs working in a customer focused settings in the pharmaceutical business sector. Without doubt, his work experience has exposed him to various partnerships with some NGOs as a facilitator in the subsidy of some antiritroviral and other pharmaceutical drugs sold in some key institutions in Nigeria. His job over the years has enabled him to work with several medical specialties in the health sector.

He is a full member to few societies like: the Nigerian Society for microbiology (NSM) and Society for Monitoring and Evaluation of Nigeria (SMEAN).

He has acquired several certifications like: M & E Fundamentals, Logistics for Health Commodities, Antimicrobial Resistance amongst others obtained from John Hopkins School of Public Health under global health e-learning portal.

His vast knowledge and experience have given him a nitch to be relevant in the essential health care sector.

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