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Butt Afia Qanwel (MNCH Advisor )

Butt, Afia Qanwel is a Pakistani born on the 9th February, 1995. She has spent over 17 years, currently living in Nigeria.

Butt, Afia Q. holds a Masters degree in Medical Microbiology. Prior to this, she has obtained a B.Sc. with First-class grade in Microbiology from Kaduna State University. She is an erudite scholar with repute who loves to research. Currently she has published two research papers in the Science World Journal with more in progress. She is a member of Global Outreach, American Society for Microbiology.

Afia Butt Q. is a charismatic and enthusiastic personality, always ready to learn and strive to perfect any assigned task using her intellectual, analytical, and leadership skills to get things done right.

During her internship in Shehu Mohammed Kangiwa Medical Centre, a health facility in Nigeria, she has gathered some knowledge on preventive approach to neonatal and maternal mortality before labor through her personal research and her advocacy/ sensitization to pregnant women on the need for continuous and complete antenatal care prior to labor, which will reduce risk of mortality.

All these put together has shaped her relevance with PHC Initiative Africa as an advisor and she has alot more to offer.

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